What Automatex is

Tailor-made Solutions

The outstanding reputation of Automatex in the automation field stems from our ability to supply automated units specially designed to meet the exact needs of a wide variety of customers. Supported by a comprehensive research and development investment program, our team of engineers and designers can offer custom-made solutions for all of the challenges entrusted to us.

Attentive to Your Needs

All automated units designed and manufactured by Automatex are unique, thereby allowing us to respond efficiently to a wide range of needs throughout the industry. The first step of our action plan starts off with a thorough analysis and understanding of our clients’ needs. This approach enables us to recommend the most appropriate solutions to meet today’s productivity and cost-effectiveness business requirements.

Growth Opportunities

Our Automatex team is primarily involved in the textile industry, and has continually shown its proficiency by developing solutions on behalf of bedding and home accessories manufacturers. Our line of high-performance, automated units also produces a variety of products for the clothing, geotextile and bag markets, including the latest generations of recyclable bags.