An Integrated Approach

At Automatex, when we embark on a project with one of our clients, we oversee every step of the production: from the initial design to the final actuation, through setting up the automated units. Our multidisciplinary team located in our Terrebonne installations carries out every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. All mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and electronic assembly, as well as the manufacturing of all required parts is produced at this same location.

The Multiplicity of Tasks

Automatex is attentive to the needs of the industry and constantly makes technological advances to respond efficiently to the manufacturers’ needs. To this effect, the technologies we offer are amongst the most versatile. They can carry out all of a production line’s various repetitive steps. Because of the quality and productivity our technologies provide, they become profitable, even in markets where operating costs are lower.

A Mark of Excellence

Our automated units reflect the quality of our workmanship by achieving the highest standards in the industry. What is more, our solutions meet all Canadian and European industry standards.

To further ensure the success of their enterprise, our clients can also count on the trustworthiness of our customer service. Responsive and efficient, our service includes notably an online technical support component able to track down work interruptions in real time, and to react as quickly as possible to restore our clients’ production.


Customer Support