About Us

At Every Step.

We design high-performance automated machinery for the textile industry that maximizes your productivity while reducing your costs. 

Label Application
Label Application

Productivity Is the Key to Growth.

More parts per hour. More uptime. More reliability. More consistent quality. With lower costs, fewer interventions and fewer errors.

We design automated equipment that revolutionizes manufacturing productivity.

Your Reality, Your Challenges. Your Customized Solutions.

Your equipment must adapt to your needs and constraints, not the other way around. That's why we design our units one by one, according to the precise needs of the customer for whom they are intended. 

Concepts Tailored to Your Needs

Settings, options and features tailored to your needs and limitations. 

One unit,
Several Operations

Perform multiple operations with a single unit and reduce handling.

More Capacity,
In Less Space

Your space is precious. Our units are designed to optimize the use of space. 

Innovation Is About Achieving More. 

Innovation involves tailoring a solution to suit a need, without letting limitations get in the way. Ingenuity and inventiveness are then required to bring the solution to life in the most effective way. 

Our Technology

Canadian Ingenuity to Help You Grow.

Our technology is the product of Canadian creativity and ingenuity. It’s this inventiveness that boosts our customers’ productivity, wherever they are. 

Worldwide Service

We have Automatex representatives in every region of the world. 

Real-Time Assistance

You're never alone. We support our customers wherever they are. 

Remote Support

We support your equipment with remote assistance. 

Specialized Needs,
Customized Solutions.

All of our units are tailored and configured to the specific needs of each customer. Tell us what you want to automate. We'll make it happen. 

Our Technology

Automate Your Entire production Line.

Do more, do it better and do it faster, while reducing your waste and labor requirements.