Automated Machinery for Folding Textile Goods

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The Most Specialized Operations,
Perfectly Executed.

Drastically reduce your labor requirements by automating even the most specialized operations. 

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Multitex-RC 3300
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Multitex-RC 3300
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Productivity Records.

Reliable, incredibly efficient equipment that adapts to your needs. Take your production to the big leagues.

Multi-Operation production Lines

One production Line,
Several Operations.

Carry out the most important operations using the same equipment to increase efficiency while saving space. 

Specialized Needs, Customized Solutions.

All of our units are tailored and configured to the specific needs of each customer. Tell us what you want to automate. We'll make it happen.

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Our Technology

Automate Your Entire
production Line.

Do more, do it better and do it faster, while reducing your waste and labor requirements. 

Tell us about what you want to automate.

Discover how our automated machinery can revolutionize your production operations. 

At Every Step. 

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